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ADD: No. 108, Yingze Street, Yingze District, Taiyuan City, Shaanxi Province, China

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3. 参会费为600元/人。

Taiyuan is the capital of Shanxi Province. It is reputed as a colorful and glorious Taiyuan City since the ancient time.

Taiyuan (also called Bingzhou, Jinyang, Lonngcheng in history) is the capital of Shanxi Province, and a city rich in political, military, and religious history. Located along the invasion corridors between the nomadic regions to the north and the agricultural heartland around the Yellow River, it was the site of repeated invasion and occupation over the centuries. The central Shanxi region is rich in Buddhist and Taoist sites, including the famous Mt. Wutai and the Taoist Palace of Eternal Joy. Taiyuan is now a major industrial city in northern China, close to major iron and coal reserves.

Settlements in the Taiyuan region date back to Neolithic times. The town, then known as Jinyang, was founded some 2,400 years ago. Its location in a valley near the Fen River put it near the invasion routes from the nomadic regions in the north to the agricultural heartland near the Yellow River.

he city suffered from frequent occupation by invaders, including the Xiongnu in Han times and the Toba (Tabgatch) Turkic rulers of the Northern Wei in the 4th-6th centuries. The founder of the Tang dynasty, Li Yuan, used Taiyuan as a base for the peasant uprising that overthrew the Sui regime in the early 7th century. Jinyang was destroyed in 979 by Song dynasty forces, but rebuilt three years later and renamed Songcheng. Starting in 1375 in the early Ming

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